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Memorial Day weekend and Ty and I traveled back to the Pisgah forest and my favorite river. I was curious to see how Ty would react to the river for this second trip. I knew he was a smart dog, but would he plunge blindly in again or remember it’s wet and cold?

He hit the brakes several feet from the shore, staring at it like an detested foe. Clearly he remembered and had no intention of falling for that a second time. His feet were going to stay dry this time, thank you very much.

So we stayed about forty minutes, alternating between relaxing by the river and walking along the many paths. We passed some holiday picnickers  and by the end of that time, I could tell he was getting a little overloaded on the stress. While it was still a great visit, admittedly there were more people, dogs and stimulations than normal. So we left.

We went to the home of my friends where I’d been dog sitting the last few days. They were still out-of-town so I sat in the big fenced back yard and let their three little dogs out to meet Ty. He was a giant among dwarves.

Ty & Cutie face to face 5-24-15  Ty meeting Cutie Pie.

The male Shih Tzu, Cutie Pie, instantly tried mounting Ty. Ty simply ignored each rude behavior like a gentleman. The two ran and frolicked all over the yard. I was impressed, sure they would become great buddies. Ty would return to me, rest a few moments and then he and Cutie were off chasing each other again. I took lots of great photos of Ty playing, his tail up and wagging. He looked just beautiful.

Ty & Cutie Pie May 24, 2015 Ty & cutie running 5-24-15 Ty & Cutie side view 5-24-15 He looks like a show dog with his proud stance.

Ty & Cutie 5-24-15 Some of the pics are a little washed out because they were taken with the camera in my phone and from a long distance away. (I had not yet learned the ‘zoom’ feature)

The two female Chihuahua’s were not so sure. I had to lure them off the porch to meet him. The one who is usually the feistier of the pair actually growled a few times (at Ty, not me). Again, Ty was nonplussed at the negative greeting. He preferred to run and play with Cutie.

We stayed about an hour, and it was a super visit. I only wish my friends had been there to see our dogs interacting. I sent photos and messages via cell phone. Finally it was time to return home. First, I had to get the little ones back inside. Ty tried to follow but he wasn’t so sure about the steps leading up to the porch.

Ty & stairs 5-24-15  Ty, looking a little worried. Poor boy wasn’t sure about the steps.
With lots of coaxing, and examples from the little pups, he finally got it and soon was rushing up and down the steps and in and out of the house while I tended to the inside responsibilities. Finally, I leashed him up and we returned to the car–and home.

I am so proud of my dog and how far we’d come together in just a couple months. Little did I know we still had some speed bumps just ahead of us.

Ty 5-24-15 back home Back home, resting in his cave, paws crossed, content that life is good.  For now.