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June 24, 2015 Wednesday

This morning poor Ty had a poop accident by the front door. While this time he wasn’t on his belly in fear this time, he was still waiting for repercussions. I shrugged it off, assuring him the whole time that it cleaned up. Finished, I could now open the door so I grabbed his leash and we were off.

Just to keep a normal routine, I still took him to the poop yard, though I doubted he needed to perform now. Upon returning, he hit that ‘spot’ again and started a spin. Ready, anticipating he might, I immediately commanded him to sit. I praised his pretty sit, waited, praised, waited and resumed our walk. It was only a few feet left, and he panted a whole lot, but we made it safely back inside.

Before leaving for work, I left a few Beggin’ strips with peanut butter on a squeaky toy and left it by his side. So far he has ignored all toys and only cocks his head when I squeak them. I would be nice to see him playing with a toy for once and maybe once he learned they produce food as well, he might come to view toys as good things.

June 25, 2915 Thursday.

We are not off to a good start. Ty peed on the floor this morning. He waited, clearly wondering what was going to happen. I cleaned up the mess and out we went. Routine, routine, routine. No spinning episode this time so I took heart at one little bit of positive progress. Perhaps his anxiety will lower now.

Later we had a nice grooming session. Lots of his fur blew away for the birds and squirrels to claim. Finished, I finally claimed that big hug I’ve been wanting to. I almost cried to be honest. He tolerated it without flinching, another sign of improvement, but he wasn’t crazy about the close contact. His drool attested to that.

He still kept his gaze averted, but did sneak a few quick glances at me. I’d have given a lot to know what he was thinking in those moments we spent alone on the front porch.

Unfortunately, for all his small steps forward, the holiday fourth will soon be upon us and with our new neighborhood, I can only imagine what the holiday will hold. I am already worried about gunshots and fireworks. Things that are created just to torment sensitive and traumatized dogs like Ty.