Sunday, August 9, 2015 and Ty’s diarrhea is gone, thank goodness. I have learned our lesson–no more butcher bones for Ty. Sorry, buddy. Friday night I had him return to the bedroom with me, and he seemed more comfortable and less resistant. Saturday evening I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t push it and he opted to stay in his cave. So much for dog’s loyally staying with their owners.

Yesterday afternoon, a friend came to visit me. As soon as she entered the house, Ty spring to ‘high alert’, watching her as she moved toward him. He retreated as far back into the corner that he could and submissively urinated. Well! First time I’ve seen him do that inside.

Immediately she went outside. I leashed him up and took out, going immediately to our preferred fenced area. My friend sat in the swing, I stood nearby and Ty anxiously paced and paced and paced.

She was quick to notice how he avoided eye contact but she pointed out his strong bond to me. Sorry, but I still don’t see what everyone else is seeing with us.

I see him as less fearful than before, but apprehensive. Today, in the presence of my friend, I see increased drooling and respiration, but not as anxious as he had been with my other friend a few months ago in a similar situation. He urinated in a new area of the fenced yard and resumed his endless pacing laps.

He checked in with me a few times, but each one lasting only moments. He finally passed close enough my friend could give him a quick massage on his back. Oh! That slowed him down. He liked that!

Clearly puzzled, yet delighted, he made several more loops by her, ignoring her upturned hand and opting for the down-turned massaging hand. He knew what he wanted.

He never did stop for more than a brief linger, but he clearly enjoyed the physical contact with someone new. Finally he sat down behind the swing, where he could watch her but no hands could touch him. She wisely pointed out by behind the swing, it gave him the same sort of barrier his ‘cave’ in the kitchen does inside. He can avoid all hand and eye contact this way, yet still be fairly close to someone, like myself or a new person he is interested in.

I am pleased in how quickly Ty tried to trust a stranger, and how quickly he was rewarded with pleasant experiences.