Tuesday, August 11, 2015 A big new first for Ty. Up until now, he has never come looking for me to take him outside. He’s always waited in the ‘cave’ till I call him. Today I took a  nap. Afterward, Ty came poking his nose into the bathroom, looking for me. This is huge for him. When I gently called his name, he scuttled back to the cave to wait. Soon, I took him outside where he was happy to do his business and return inside.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 Lately I’ve been dealing with an ailing cat who her vet and I suspect had a stroke recently and my own spider-bite infected leg. So I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to do much with Ty beyond the normal daily stuff. (Glad to report months later both my cat and leg recovered) Tonight I took Ty to bed.

Monday, August 17, 2015 Last night Ty headed to the bedroom from his cave at my verbal request. No leash needed, no touch or guiding. Just a simple verbal request–once. He willingly walked in on his own with no coaxing beyond calling him. His comfort level is growing at this new ritual. He lay down – giving just a few collie moans.

Ty in bedroom 8-11-15 As close to doorway as possible.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Last night was the first night I did not use the baby gate to keep Ty in the bedroom. This time I wanted to allow him the freedom to choose. I crawled into bed with two kitties, talking to all three animals. I could see Ty’s emotional crosspull as he lay there on his bed, looking over toward his cave. No gate barring his way this time. He could go back to the cave….

He stayed with me until 3:30 am when I got up for the bathroom. He quietly slipped back to his cave.  I got back up at 8 am and he came back into the bedroom when he heard me stir. Once I was upright, he skittered on the still-slick wood floors to the cave to wait for me so we could take our walk.

Ty 3 am 8-19-153 am  Ty 8-19-15 6 am the 19th6 am

Our walk this morning, now that I think about it, was a little different. Instead of heading to our fenced yard to do the duty, Ty wanted to return to the far corner where he used to go sometimes in our early weeks. Content to return there, he wasted no time in doing his business. I’ve no clue what the deal was, but in his mind, it was the thing to do.

Ty and Muld in bedroom 8-11-15Ty and Muldoone, baby gate still in use. Last night I was going to use this.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 And another good night with Ty. He’s sleeping more in the bedroom, edging away from the doorway, next to my bed. He seems more relaxed to me. I finally was able to snap some pictures of him as well.

Ty and AF with mouse 8-19 2015Ty in his cave 8-19 with Avery Faith and a mouse she was chasing. Her game interrupted his nap.

Sunday, August 30, 2015 The end of another month and another milestone for Ty. We went to the national park and it was quite crowded. We found a secluded spot along the river and settled  in. Upstream a woman and three kids floated along on big, bright inner tubes. One even looked like a giant orca whale. Ty sat stock still, next to me, watching thier progress toward us.

Ty at Scyamore Flats 8-30-15Conquering hero at the forest 8/30

As they neared, the mother became irritated at one of the kids, who was misbehaving like kids do in the summertime. She flapped her arms and complained to him, but thankfully she did not scream. However, there was no mistaking the frustration in her tone.

Ty stayed, growing tense, but curious and watchful. They stopped about 75-100 feet away from us. By now the mom was giving the kid a good what-for and I knew Ty wanted to bolt, but he sat, rock steady, little drops of drool starting to spill from his mouth.  Then the foursome progressed closer. I kept my hand around his collar, whispering words of reassurance.

Finally they passed us. He’d made it! Ty was a drooling mess, but he’s stayed in the face of his fear. With those bright inner tubes, it must have looked like we were under attack by aliens. Mom’s frustrated chiding of the child was one of his worse fears. Poor Ty was terrified, but he faced it and stayed!

Ty at Sycamore 8-30-15 A little nervous as the group approached us. A picture of facing your fears. How brave!

Then the dad showed up, standing on the river bank above us. The mom and he launched into a string of Spanish conversation, clearly about the naughty child. That was a little too much for poor Ty and he stood up, looking at me and his expression clearly asking to leave. Now.

As we left, there were no mad bolts, just an uncomfortable feeling with the angry conversation behind us. With his tail still half out, we continued our walk until we both felt like leaving.