October 6, 2015 Tuesday. For the last couple days I’ve taken Ty over to my friend’s house. His confidence is growing. We’ve passed the six month mark in  our relationship. He paces freely through their house, including over the kitchen linoleum and sneaking some food left out for their little dogs. He slobbers in their water dish and even pooped twice on their carpet. Thank fully I have understanding and forgiving friends.

Ty and me II Sept 2015

7 month anniversary, my birthday with friends, and his little pal, Cutie Pie Ty and me and Cutie Sept 2015

Ty's adoption photo 3-21-20153-22-15 Day 1. What a difference from 7 months later, seen above. I remember that death grip I had on his collar and leash that day, his trembling and tucked tail. I remember my doubts.

October 7, 2015. Today we had a brief trip outside. The neighbors from two doors down were firing off something that sounded like gunshots. Naturally Ty was terrified and quickly wanted back inside. I gave him a pat and cookie and left him in the comfort of his kitchen cave while I went to the study to get some work done.

A few moments later, after he’d been pacing from kitchen to bedroom a number of times, he paused and entered the study! This was new. He stopped about three feet away, that magical safe distance he likes, and just watched me.  I said nothing, simply waiting for  his decision. He stayed about half a minute, backed out, poked  his nose in the adjacent den and went back to the kitchen cave again. He stayed there for a few hours.

October 9, 2015 Friday. Ty and I went to the National Forest nearby. It was an excellent trip. Walking around the picnic area, he encountered monstrous Chihuahuas who tried to bite his face. He simply moved away. He met a loud woman yelling on the phone and her small dogs. He ignored them. He ran across lots of people  who commented on his beauty.

I took him into the public restroom. Initially he balked at the doorway but soon settled down to wait with only  a tiny bit of apprehension.He was curious about the flushing toilet and never even shied when he set off the motion activated forced air dryer. He even lifted  his face to sniff the hot air as it was blowing!

Later we sat alongside the river, which is one of my favorite activities and I got lots of wonderful pictures of him. Here is just a couple…Ty 10-9-15 great syc visit III Ty patiently waiting for me. Ty 10-9-15 great syc visit IV