While the calendar reads July, the blog is still stuck back in December. I had started out this with the best of intentions, to chronicle the growth and progress of my dog and our relationship. I’ve been too busy living life daily with Ty, and keeping a hand written journal current, to also come on-line and update his blog. I hang my head in shame. However, I have a few days off work, which equals extra time, so my hope is to get the blog caught up or at least more current in the few days I have available.

December 20, 2015 Sunday Off to the dog park today. Ty had himself a blast!  At first anyway. He ran and played. He even chased a ball ever so briefly, yet was clueless on how to fetch it. But he played and chased!

The park was quite full again. Shorter days, less good time to go, means cramming more visitors into a narrow window. It’s also close to the holidays and I suspect some are either spending time with their dogs now in anticipation of more people time ahead or just plain trying to wear them out before the holidays.

Ty 12-20-15 II at park

After about half an hour, Ty stopped. He stayed away from the other dogs, no longer interested in playing or balls. He avoided the pack’s “wild gallops”. He avoided everyone, including me. He paced blindly, almost as if lost. And he whined. He whined a lot. He cried, wandering aimlessly. Looking so much like the little kid lost on the playground.  He was searching, but not finding who or what he was looking for. And he bypassed me, ignoring my attempts to call him to me or reach out to him.

Ty 12-20-15 I at park

Finally, I just headed for the gate, called him to go and he fell into a perfect off-lead heel, as though this was all old hat. I wonder if he was saying “Finally!” to himself. Either way, it ended well.

December 21, 2015 Monday. We had a quick walk outside today, no dog park visits. As soon as we neared the gate, someone popped off their gun. Ty panicked! Oh did he freak out. I rushed him through the date and slammed it shut behind us, since that was the nearer of the two options we had. He paced, wild-eyed and panting, ears back, tail tucked, feral dog for a few minutes, ignoring my calming assurances. It took about 15 minutes, but he finally settled enough to stop and pee. Satisfied, I brought him back inside for a well deserved treat.

December 23, 2015 Wednesday First contact! I have been ill most of the week and was preparing for a procedure for Tuesday and so I went to bed early Monday night. I was just too sick to care about much. Tuesday I had the procedure and came home and almost immediately went to bed. Wednesday morning, the 23rd, I woke up feeling almost human at long last. And Ty was at my side, watching me. I called his name nad stretched out my hand. He licked it twice. Satisfied I was alive, he departed for the cave. But he came to check on me. I wonder how long he’d been sitting there watching. Wish he could tell me.