January 1, 2016 Friday. Yeah! Made to New Year’s. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Today I brought Ty into the study. He was pretty scared and hated the baby gate blocking him in. Whymzie purred and rubbed around his face, which is actually pretty shocking for her. He ate the last of the Christmas turkey, laid on the bed drooling in fear for a few minutes. I stayed at his side, petting and praising.  Once that gate was lifted, he was out of there. This time he walked out to his cave instead of bolting.  Short exercise, good outcome.

January 2, 2016 Saturday. We had a few fireworks last night, neighbors celebrating no doubt. I was in the study, Ty was in the kitchen of course. When the fireworks sounded, he was up and immediately headed for the bedroom. He soon paced into the study, checked in with me for about 1 or 2 seconds, (long enough to touch  his nose to my hand) and back to the kitchen again.  A few minutes later, we heard more fireworks and he came to the study, sniffed around by the tree and fish tanks and went back to the bedroom.

Later, actually late morning, we headed to the dog park. He had a great time, for about half an hour. That seems to be his personal threshold time. Then he started hanging around me, checking in with me, not venturing so far out.

January 8, 2016 Friday. Standing in the yard, at the corner where he makes his laps, I dragged my hand along his back once as he looped by. He was so startled at first. He came back thought for another pass. Several of them. For each new loop by, he went slower, and turned in a tighter circle, which would bring him back to me sooner. I just ran my hand along his back, letting him go on, not saying much. He clearly enjoyed it, but wasn’t too sure about it yet. I see it as progress. And it gives him something new to think about.

January 10, 2016 Sunday. Close encounter! Coming off the steps from the porch to the fenced yard, I spotted an intact male boxer INSIDE the yard. Ty had not yet noticed him. I muttered something akin to “Oh, sh#t.” and hit the brakes. What was going to happen?

Ty spun in a circle, confused why I suddenly stopped in never-land between two points. Then he sat at my right side, facing the  house and AWAY from the other dog. The boxer took one look at us and scaled the fence, running for the road like a scared rabbit.

I praised Ty and took him to the fence. Keeping hold of his leash, I stayed near, just in case he decided to follow the boxer over the fence and to the road.

Ty…what did he do? He sniffed around, urinated, sniffed some more and looked at me as if to ask, “Something isn’t right. What is it?” Within a few minutes, he was ready to go back inside. There was no sight of the boxer. That could have turned out so much worse.

Ty 1-16-16

(January 16th, comfortable in his “cave”. Love the crossed front paws.)

Ty 1-20-2016Jan 20th, just cruising the yard.

January 25, 2016 Monday. I had been home for three days between not feeling well and a snowstorm. I’ve noticed Ty is trying to be near me a little more.  If I go in the bedroom for anything–sweeping the floor, putting laundry away, something that is just a minute–he has to follow me there, goes to his bed to wait for me to complete the errand and when I leave, he returns to the kitchen cave once more.

Ty 1-22-16 in Snow II Ty 1-22-16 in snow III

Ty in snow 1-22-16 ISome shots from Jan 22nd in the snow

Ty 1-23-2016 II Ty 1-23-2016 Two shots from Jan 23rd.–out in the yard.

He still won’t go to the den or the study. Also he hated being out in the snow. I’d hopes of  him leaping and playing in the fluff. Ah, nope. He stayed out just long enough to take care of business. He is definitely an inside dog. No frolicking collie here. Oh well.