March 6, 2016 Sunday. Today Ty and I returned to the dog park. He looked so happy to be going, and I know he understands where we’re going. I did snap a picture of him in the car. Of course, I don’t think it truly or fully capture the sparkle and joy of his expression.Ty 3-6-16 at park IV

Ty March 2-16 at park

Ty 3-6-16 at park II Ty 3-6-15 at park I

Last night, while he was still in the bedroom, before he could decide to leave, I sat on the floor with him, brushing him out and just talking. It had been a year since he left all he knew and entered the rescue, and almost a year since we met. I asked what he thought of the last year. What did he think of his new life since he’d left everything familiar, albeit probably miserable, and travel to NC. Then I laid the brush aside and laid over him and cried into his ruff.

I suppose I was crying for all the animals and children hurt by hoarders. I was crying for my own experience with knowing a hoarder. And I was crying for the preventable loss of Autumn Raine. A few moments later he returned to his cave for the night and I felt a little cleansed.

The consensus of those who see us and know us say he loves me, adores me, whatever term one likes to use. I think he at least likes me, or tolerates me in situations like tonight. Our trust is a fragile, and fickle, thing. Still in the infant stages and so easily fractured.

March 11, 2015, Friday. He had a short vet appointment. It was just a weigh in and check up. He did great. I also took Whymzie the cat for a check up.

Ty 3-11-2016 at vetWaiting, Whymzie under the bench, Ty being a perfect gentleman. Up to about 68 pounds.

March 12, 2016 Saturday. We made a trip over to see my friends and their three little dogs. It was time for their nail trim so he got his done too since I had all the tools at the ready. My friends were expecting a delivery so I went to move my car to make room, and left Ty inside with my friend. I was gone maybe two minutes. He became distressed while I was gone, pulling on the leash, watching the door where I’d gone through. He only settled down once I returned.

Ty 3-12-2016 at Pat's Ty and friends

He is  a complex dog. At the park, he listens so well. In the yard, he’s getting better. Inside, he stays in the cave most the time. Yet, at another house, if he thinks I’m leaving, he wants to be with me. At my friend’s, he is almost a normal dog, more so then I see at home.

March 22, 2016 Tuesday. Our One Year Anniversary of his adoption and this incredible journey.

Ty 3-22-16 II 3/22/16 just crusing around the yard.

Ty 3-22-16 I3/22/16 back inside after a treat. He is good for basic brushing, but we’ve got to start some serious grooming.

April 2, 2016 Saturday. Back to the dog park for a quick visit. He is getting so much better at coming when I call him. He gets a few pats and then goes off again. He is spending more time checking out the other people there as well.

Ty 4-14-164/14/16 in ‘the cave’ Ty 4-21 20164/21/16 beside me at our friend’s again

April 15, 2016 Friday. Ty has completely stopped sleeping with me, instead staying in the kitchen. This week I started bringing him back in, blocking the doorway with the baby gate and just seeing what he does. We’ve done this for three nights, and each night he gets a big chewy bone to occupy his mind and mouth. Now, starting tonight, he went to bed first and waited for his bone. I did not use the gate and he stayed all night on his own accord  This morning, he got up, stretched, and licked my hand. Then went out to the kitchen to wait for his trip outside.

Ty April 2016 Ty April 2016 II

Two undated photos, just April 2016, at one in his cave.