May 8, 2016, Sunday. Ty sure is a different kind of dog. At home he remains in his cave almost all the time. He has no interest in exploring or interacting. He may or may not join me briefly in the bedroom at night. Briefly. Just a check in. Even bones don’t entice him to stay. He never asks me to go out. Instead, he waits until I go to the door, pick up the keys and think he should go out. As if reading my mind, he comes and sits at the door, waiting for the leash. He does a perfect sit then. In the yard or elsewhere, forget it. Out in the yard, I wait at the gate till he’s done. He makes a few circles around me, till I can snag his leash and we go back inside where he gets a treat. And he still bolts if there are gunshots. And forget going outside if there is thunder. Waste.Of.Time. Inside, he’s cool with gunshots and thunder. Go figure.

He loves car rides to anywhere. His threshold at the dog park is about 20-35 minutes now.He plays with mid-sized dogs and puppies, stopping to check in with me occasionally and going back to play till he’s done.  interestingly, considering his background, I thought he would prefer big, hairy dogs. Nope, he avoids them. Friendly enough, but doesn’t want to be friends.

Ty 5-6-16 at PAWS Sitting pretty. I love how he leans on one hip, legs extended. He reminds me of an oversized puppy.

Ty 5-6-16 at Paws (2)Peeking in at me. What am I doing in there? he seems to be asking.

At our friends, he’s another dog altogether. He begs (yes, begs!), spinning around like a vagrant. He stays by me but will go investigate on his own. He goes to others for pats and treats, soliciting both shamelessly. He engages in play with the male dog of the three little ones because the two girls don’t like him much.  Still no barking but his nightmares have slackened off somewhat. They don’t seem as bad either.