Ty 6-8-16 at Paws IIPretty boy!

June 14, 2016 Tuesday. Today is the first day I brushed Ty’s teeth. I noticed some tartar and a bit of angry-looking gums over his canines yesterday and had to scramble to find the proper tools. He tolerated the procedure well, sitting politely, and slobbering profusely. I’d probably slobber too if someone shoved poultry toothpaste in my mouth.

Ty 6-8-16 at Paws III - CopyStriking a pose

He is also starting to sleep in the bedroom again, on his fluffy pink bed. It’s a hit or miss thing, he might stay, he might not. He might come back, he might not. At least he is at the point he can make his own choices, and play around with those choices.

June 22, 2016 Wednesday. Today is 1 year and 3 months since Ty and I met.  Today I see a dog who has evolved  into a beautiful collie inside and outside. He is trusting, gentle, and confident– at least more so from the shut down shell of a dog I first met. He lifts his leg to pee now. He obeys pretty good, considering the tiny bit of real, formal training I gave him. He is still clueless on heel, (though he does it perfectly at the dog park) down (which we just never both with) and almost sits on command. (another hit or miss)  He does them without commands because he knows I want him to do that function.

Ty 6-8-16 at PAWSConsentration.

I’ve said it before, and I believe it still, that I swear he reads my mind. And he wants to please me, because it pleases him in the end. Smart dog.  He still stays in his kitchen ‘cave’  but he weathers thunder and gunshots better. Bad storms in the forecast? We have a shirt for that. He still has yet to bark. I get an occasional whine at the park when he’s nearing that threshold. He whines sometimes during his PTSD dreams, but they are no where as bad as before. He loves car rides, dog park visits and trip to see my friends. The last few trips to the river have been a little stressful so we might curtail those.

Ty 6-30-16 at riverAt the river

I would love to throw my arms around Ty and give him a huge hug, because that’s how he makes me feel sometimes. However, I know he’d never appreciate that. Tolerate it? Sure. Enjoy it? Nope. I can sit by him, on floor, porch, even the cave, and he welcomes the talking, petting and brushing. But he still has a short span of being handled before he feels uncomfortable.

Ty 6-30-16 chillingTy 6-30-2015

Cooling off on his cooling pad                                                 Head’s up! Both from June 30th

More than ever, I really wish he could talk to me. I’d just love to hear his thoughts.

Ty 6-8-16 at Paws III - Copy (2)