August has finally yielded to September. The turn of the calendar proves we survived another summer. My darling Ty has made some real strides this past month of August, as well as providing me with a medical worry.

August 3, 2016 Wednesday. I had left a can of Prescription diet A/D down for my cat, Whymzie Belle, to polish off. She had lost some weight recently and I was trying to bulk her back up again. A/D is very palatable, very high in calories and nutrients, and very expensive. She ate most of it and I left the small bit left for her to finish. I was in the study, working, when I heard an odd crushing sound and some gagging and a cough. Highly suspicious and not feline in nature. Following the noises to Ty’s cave, I discovered the chewed up and punctured can of A/D and very innocent looking Ty.Ty 8-3-16 after eating stolen can The picture of innocence.


August 6, 2016 Saturday. Ty and I went to the dog park to cool off. He adores the kiddie wading pool– or the puppy wading pool– each time we go. I ended up buying him a duplicate for his exclusive use at home. Interestingly enough, he barely gives his own pool a second glance. Perhaps they are more fun when shared?

Ty 8-6-16 at park pool

Scary times. I’d noticed Ty had wet his bed in the bedroom two nights in  a row. Since his initial learning curve back in March 2015, he has not had any accidents. Suspecting something medical, I gathered a urine sample–which was an adventure in itself with a dog who values his privacy during private moments. After the vet analyzed it, she reported he had lots of bacteria and a bad bladder infection. Okay, these things happen sometimes. So he was started on strong antibiotics for ten days and then a recheck. I bought a package of cheese slices and he took his pills each day rolled in a tasty cheese ball.

August 18th I took a fresh sample back for a recheck, betting we’d cleared up the infection. Mope. He still had nasty urine. Trouble was, he acted fine. He never at any time acted different than he ever did. No indication of pain or discomfort. Had he never wet the floor, I’d never suspected he had an infection. So I made an appointment to take him in the next day for the vet to examine him herself.

Ty 8-19-16 at vet

August 19, 2016 Friday. Ty’s weight is now a healthy 75 ponds. His medical exam is what they call ‘unremarkable’. Nothing stood out on physical exam, yet another urinalysis showed nasty junk but his blood work was completely normal. There was no hint of anything except his urine is highly concentrated and full of bacteria and crud. He drinks all he could want, never lacks for fresh water and still gives no indication he doesn’t feel well. Our plan is to just wait and watch. Should he ever hint at something feeling wrong, ws can tackle it then.

August 27, 2016 Saturday. There have been no more wetting accidents for about two weeks now. Tonight, we experienced some bad thunderstorms. Thankfully I was home with Ty. The house shook a few times from the rumbling. Ty came into the study where I was working. He immediately left, returned, left and returned. He looked anxious.

On his third trip back to me, he laid down on the right side of the desk, at my side. Wow! Finally! I’d only wanted this and waited for this for seventeen months. I froze, scared to even breathe lest I scare him away. I knew he was beside me there only because he was scared of the storms, but I loved it. Finally, my dog was next to me as I worked. What a glorious feeling! He sought me out in his moment of fear.

His visit lasted about five minutes before he got up and returned to the cave.

August 28, 2016 Sunday Ty returned to the study again. No storms this time. He did not lay down, but he still visited a minute, sniffing and saying hi for a moment before leaving again. I slipped  him a doggie cookie I’d kept in the drawer for just such an instance.

August 29, 2016 Monday Evening feeding after I returned home from work. I fed the cats in the foyer, and fed Ty in the cave. As I was returning from the den with the bird’s dishes, Ty was in the foyer, snitching food from the cat’s dishes. Spotting me, he retreated, backing to  his bed in the cave, looking all innocent. Unable to be mad at his new found courage, I gave everyone extra scoops of food, lest anyone go hungry.

Ty 8-19-16 with knuckle II

Ty 8-19-16

August 30, 2016 Tuesday am. Ty repeated his snitching of kitty kibble this morning. I tried for a picture but he retreated too fast. I should have scolded him, yes, but it is so nice to see him acting like a real dog. Dogs steal kitty kibble. It’s what they do. And finally so does Ty.

August 31, 2016 Wednesday. I finally got a picture of Ty, busted thieving from the cat’s dishes at breakfast. What a way to round out the summer and the month.

Ty 8-31-26 busted with cat food

Ty continues to make me so proud in his growth. I barely handle his leash now as we go on and off the porch and sidewalk to his fenced yard for potty breaks. It’s been a slow climb for both of us, but I am so happy with where he is mentally and emotionally now. And  I can’t wait to see what the fall and winter bring us.