While my calendar says it is now late December, I am making a valiant effort to catch up on Ty’s blog. Not a whole lot has happened, but there are some noteworthy strides since my last post/ My apologies for my tardiness. New Year’s resolution is to keep Ty’s blog more up to date. I think 2017 might be the year I compile it all into a real book, available for sale, with proceeds going to the rescue group where I adopted Ty. More on this later in 2017 as time allows me to pursue this further.

In the meantime, please enjoy our journey through the autumn months.


September 7, 2016 Wednesday I borrowed a friend’s Shih Tzu. Ty knows Cutie Pie well, and enjoys his company, even if Cutie is temperamental whether he wants to be friends or not. I wanted to try an experiment with Ty. I thought bringing a familiar dog into the house, a pal of sorts, who would explore each room and get on the furniture and bark and basically act very much like a normal dog, some of it might rub off on Ty. I’d be happy with any behavior to rub off.

Cutie Pie did great. He investigated each room thoroughly, tried to make friends with the cats, however they were not having it, and hung out with me when not crashed on the furniture in the bedroom or den. In short, he did everything I expected of him.

ty-and-cutire-9-6-2016It looks like they are buddies, but it is misleading. This was the only shot I could get of both dogs in the same picture. Cutie on left, Ty on right, out in the yard.

And Ty…? Yeah, he never even left his precious cave. He never sniffed when Cutie stopped in to check him out. He never investigated when Cutie barked. He never cared there was a dog in the house at all, until I took them both out for a walk. Everywhere Cutie stopped to urinate, so did Ty. He followed Cutie’s tracks from a few feet away, and paused to sniff everywhere Cutie had, lifted a leg where Cutie had and at no time tried to interact with him in the  space of the yard.

I am utterly convinced I can bring a rhino into the house and Ty would not care one bit.

September 8, 2016 Thursday  Ty and I went to the river today. He is terrible at the river. It is meant to be my relaxation station, a place of mediation, deep thought, peace-seeking and zen-like atmosphere. Where I recharge myself mentally and creatively.

Ty paces, drools, slops through the water and generally upsets  my peace and stillness. He never settles down for more than a few moments at best. I did manage to snap a few selfies of us while he was moving about. And a truck backfired loudly while we were down at the water. He climbed, wet and drooling, into my lap for protection from the unseen snorting dragon.

ty-9-7-16-at-davidson-ii  ty-9-7-2016-at-davidson-i

Thankfully it was a short visit, though it gave me more shots with the camera and it made me feel good he sought me in his moment of fear. Much better than bolting to the end of his leash like he had in our early days. It tells me we are developing a bond of trust.

September 12, 2016 Monday. Wow, what a huge breakthrough we had today! This morning, while I was still lying in bed, working up the determination to get up, I heard Ty stir at the foot of the bed. Nails clacking on the hardwood floor, he pranced and frolicked at the cats, particularly Muldoone, the male Maine Coon.

First he faced the doorway, then whirling in collie fashion to face the bed. He play bowed in each direction, tail aloft and waving. Just when I thought it could get no better, he yipped. Yes, a real yip. A joyful sound he emitted. Just once, but it was his happy invitation to the stoic cats to come and play.

I watched, heart leaping for joy at his spontaneous pleasure. He stopped and looked at me, seeming rather pleased with himself. And perhaps a little shell-shocked as well. I was so shell shocked, but delighted, I barely made it out of bed. to take him out. What a wonderful way to wrap up September.

October 1, 2016, Saturday.  This morning I again awoke to hearing Ty clicking his nails on the bedroom floor. He was frolicking, play bowing and trying to entice Muldoone into a game. Muld was buying it, and there were no more playful yips this time, but he was persistently trying to win over a playmate. Much like a puppy might try wining over an older dog.

ty-10-2-16-at-park  Some good pictures from a visit to the dog park October 2, 2016. No interest in the agility equipment. ty-10-2-1016-at-park-11

ty-10-2-16-at-park-close-upSuch a handsome lad. October 2nd at the park.


ty-and-muldoone-oct-2016Muldoone visiting Ty in the cave in October 2016

October 23, 2016, Sunday. This morning Ty had brought his knuckle bone into the bedroom at some point during the night. He left it on the bed he sleeps on. I take it as a sign he is growing more comfortable and wanted something from his cave to move into his other bedroom, the one he shares with me.

ty-and-taz-10-6-2016Taz the bird making a visit to the cave. Taz is checking out how to get into the cabinet and Ty is cautiously checking out Taz.