ty-11-5-2016November 11, 2016 just walking around the courtyard on a sunny afternoon.

November 13, 2016, Sunday Ty has been spending considerable time sniffing around in the yard lately during our outside trips. Today I found out why. New dogs have been wandering through, leaving their scents behind. I was in the yard alone today, raking leaves, and two females and an intact male–all pit types–came in and urinated in various spots. The male even dropped some poop for good measure. I was interested to see how Ty reacted to fresh remains from different sexes so once they left, I rushed to bring Ty outside.

He sniffed carefully and thoroughly, missing nothing. He lifted his leg everywhere the male had urinated or pooped remarking his property. The male pit came back while we were outside. He stood at the gate, seemingly friendly enough, at least with me. However, I still had to get Ty inside.

Ty, noticing the dog, approached the gate, whining. He pawed at the gate. They sniffed noses through the fence. Then Ty’s bushy tail went up and he wagged it, whined again and offered an invitation to play. So did the pit! They were both friendly.

However, I didn’t want to take any chances when I brought Ty out through the gate, so I asked the pit’s owner, who was over in front of my house, to please come get his dog and take it aside. It all ended easily. Ty went in, back to his cave, and got a treat.

ty-11-12-16-wait-for-dinnerNovember 11th. Dinner please?

As a side note, I have noticed Ty nudges me a more with his nose, when I am in the kitchen—at the sink or stove. It’s just the briefest of touches. Then he’s done. I am not sure if he’s hoping I might drop something if he reminds me he’s there or if he just want’s that reassurance, but it’s a nice gesture.  He also likes to lie in the bedroom, without me  being in there, and chew on the bone he took in there some time ago. He will follow me into the bedroom as I clean the litter boxes.

And he is asking to go outside more. For a dog that never asked for anything, he is starting to stare at me, rising when I approach the door, giving me that look that says, “I’d like to go outside, please.” No barking of course, it’s all action and telepathic communication, but he is exercising his right to an opinion. I love it. And he is much better about accepting kisses and hugs from me. It’s still more of a tolerating thing, instead of relishing them, but at least he no longer stiffens in fear/dread like he used to.

ty-and-taz-11-14-16November 14th, Taz the macaw getting a little too friendly and Ty isn’t sure what to think.

November 23, 2016 Wednesday A pet sitting client of mine is coming today for a three-day stay. She is a nice little Jack Russel terrier–or Parson’s Russel as they are correctly called. She is a confident dog, an alpha female. I hope her generous amounts of self-confidence and assurance will rub off on Ty. I also hope he gains a playmate for the next few days.

Despite his sometimes lack of confidence, like when Taz wants to visit and he isn’t sure about playing with a bird, (hey, who can blame a smart dog for being cautious?) I am still so very happy and thankful for having this wonderful dog in my life. He is growing at his speed, trying new scary things, and making up his own mind on life’s situations. However, I do wish he’d move out of the cave, since I really would like to have my kitchen back.

Oh well. In time maybe. Perhaps with the canine guest who is visiting us…