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January 8, 2017 Sunday Happy New Year. Today I heard the sweetest sound from my dog. This morning, while still in bed, I heard nails clicking and movement at the foot of the bed. Glancing down, I spotted Whymzie Belle sitting between two dog beds and stoically swatting at Ty as he play-bowed and tried to encourage her in a game of play.

Yes, Ty was trying to illicit play! Too bad he picked the cat who hates everyone who isn’t human. Still, he continued. With disdain, she continued to swat at him and finally he barked. Yes, Ty BARKED!  Thrice, still trying to get Whymzie to play with him.

January 17, 2017 I caught a nice photo of Muldoone the Maine Coon cat hanging out in the kitchen not far from Ty. I kind of think they are becoming buddies as this isn’t the first time I’ve caught Muldoone hanging out there.

Ty and Muldoone Buds 1-17-17Buddies?

February 2, 2017 Thursday. Ty had a PTSD flashback today. Thank fully I had not left for work yet and was in the study to hear him. Ty was in the kitchen. Cats Kryshnah and Whymzie were in the kitchen as well, not near him though. Suddenly a loud slam sounded out, followed by yelping from Ty. I raced to the kitchen.

My saddleseat was lying on one side. Ty was spinning in circles, blind with fear or pain, eyes glazed and drool pouring out of his mouth. Ears laced back, tail tucked, he was a mess. It took several minutes to get him to stop spinning, but he finally folded into my arms and cowered, his heart racing in fear. I sat with him, cooing and loving on him until he settled down.

I suspect Kryshnah launched off the saddleseat like she is apt to do, and it toppled over, striking Ty where he was sleeping. The sudden attack of something while sound asleep sent him right into full-blown panic mode.

Ty 2-11-17

Just random photos of Ty outside in the courtyard, February 11, 2017

Ty 2-11-2017

Ty 2-26-17 in yard

Handsome boy, 2-26-2017 with sunshine casting shadows of trees over him Yes, he still wears a leash even in the fenced yard. One never fully knows, and I’d rather let him carry a leash around and never need it than risk losing him because he didn’t have one on.

February 13, 2017 Monday.  I kept a five-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy over the weekend as part of my side job of pet-sitting. “Tobias” was a cutie, with all the energy and curiosity of a puppy. I’d hoped his puppy antics and barking would lure Ty from his cave. Nope. Not a once. Within a few moments of arrival, Tobias approached Ty in his cave and stole his monster dinosaur bone from Christmas. And then he returned for the knuckle bone. Then the antler bone. He stole both stuffed animals as well. He hauled off all his looted goodies to another room to savor.

And Ty? Ty never flinched or lifted a concerned brow as Tobias robbed him blind. A few times Tobias even tried eating food leftover from Ty’s bowl. He was okay with that too. Tobias even climbed over Ty to get to bones and goodies. Ty had  no problem with that either.

Tobias and Ty 2-11-17Thief!

Tobias 2-11-17Tobias with stolen bone.

Tobias and Ty II 2-11-17Not very concerned.


Outside, they each checked one another out, but no play engagements offered. Ty just went about his way, urinated where Tobias had, and Tobias chased a tennis ball and did his own thing as well.

The more I interacted with  normal five-month-old puppy, the more I realized how damaged Ty really is. How “un-normal” he will always be. It’s sad to know there is a brokenness inside him that I will probably never be able to reach. Or fix. A part of him that I cannot “make happy”. He has gained freedom, confidence, and has known pleasure and joy. But he is still a broken dog. And that hurts me.

March 9, 2017 Thursday. I came home at midnight and took Ty out for a walk. He remained on the patio in the courtyard, refusing to go out into the grass. He stayed on alert, ears up, tail up, head up, and watching the grassy area and pacing. No bark, no whine. Just intense concentration.

I heard no noise, nor saw any movement. The leaves were dry so any movement would have rustled them. Finally I scanned the area with my flashlight and spied an opossum hunkered down next to a tree trunk, just quietly waiting for us to leave it alone.

March 12, 2017 We had a small snowfall overnight. I hurried to get some photos of Ty before it melted. Once again, no romping or playing, but he does look pretty in the snow.

Ty 3-12-17 snowfall I

Ty 3-12-17 snowfall

March 21, 2017 Tuesday. Today we had thunderstorms, which  bothered Ty. Ty 3-21-17 after the Tstorm

Tomorrow will be the two-year anniversary or “Gotcha Day” for Ty. Last night, while I was sleeping, Ty got a hold of a plastic cat litter scooper and chewed the handle in to a misshapen mass. His first time at destroying something. And I love it.

Ty chewed handle 3-20-17

March 22, 2017 Wednesday. Happy Gotcha Day, Ty!

March 25, 2017 Saturday. Off visiting friends again today, and running errands. We stopped at the dog park for a brief visit, then headed off to see our friends. He had a pleasant visit.

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws 1

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws IINot too sure about those stairs, but Cutie Pie is trying to lend support.

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws III

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws IVClose up of that beautiful, happy smile.

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws V

Ty 3-25-17 at Paws VI

Sometimes I just go camera happy crazy.