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Hello. It’s been a busy summer here. I have been pet sitting, and having dogs visiting the house. True to form, Ty does not bother much with any of them. An alpha, energetic Jack Russell terrier returned. We had a one-year-old female Pom and a four-month-old female pit visit. He took little notice of either of them.

We did visit with a therapy dog trainer a few weeks ago, as I had the notion Ty might make a good–or at least decent–therapy dog. Her opinion, after two hours of various stimulation, was he could make a nice therapy dog. However, and she cautioned me, he would not particularly enjoy it. He would do it if I asked him, for me, but not because the work excited him.

So that idea has been temporarily scratched. I have yet to find his button, what turns him on. Perhaps just hanging out in the kitchen is good enough of a life for him, with the occasional road trip. Interestingly, to day of all days, he decided after breakfast, as I was still pottering about the kitchen, he wanted to go lie down in the bedroom. Without me.

Glory! It was nice having the whole kitchen to myself! I am not sure what sparked his interest to vacate the cave momentarily, but I enjoyed the moments while they lasted.

And in other news, I have finally completed the book I’ve been promising to write. It is self-published under the Amazon Select KDP program, and accessible through Amazon.com for Kindle or paperback versions. A portion of each sale will go to the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas where I adopted Ty from.


Kindle e-book format

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